Edge Design Institute in Hong Kong

This is a photo documentary from a visit to 'Edge Design Institute LTD' in Hong Kong which I am happy to present with a little delay as it was submersed on my hard drives until now.

We were welcomed at the dense and homely office space of Edge Design by it's principal Gary Chang who founded Edge Design in 1994 and has since been engaged in 'innovative multidisciplinary design with the core focus on space,' producing 'original and creative solutions from the scale of urban planning, architecture, interior, exhibition, to the scale of tableware.'  [quoted]

The spatial arrangement and efficiency, paired with beautiful design solutions found in the office of Edge Design, reflect specific aspects of design work produced in and for Hong Kong.
It may be mere density as main narrative of urbanism and life in Hong Kong which creates the conditions in which Edge Design is reacting with a design approach that is engaged with applying efficient spatial solutions to create functional, yet poetic architecture with minimal aesthetics.
One tool used in the office of Edge Design for sketching first drafts is simple Lego. According to Chang this allows him and his team to quickly discuss specific spatial arrangements as well as functional relationships of spaces and volumes.
Lego model of Hong Kong-like urban density.
'Treasure Box for Urban Nomads' 2007 [image courtesy of Edge Design]
'The Cascade' 2006 [image courtesy of Edge Design]
The creative output of Edge Design encompasses architecture across all scales (see images within this post), product design, public art and as well publications of innovative book designs presenting the office's work and Gary Chang's practice as design critic. 

The book 'Hotel as Home' for example presents highlights of and thoughts developed during Gary Chang's constant travel activities which are relating to Chang's work as critic of design hotels. Chang apparently spends about 2/3 of his time in hotels and is remarkably knowledgeable about design hotels all around the world.
Gary Chang 'Hotel as Home'. [image courtesy of Edge Design]
 Another example of Chang's publishing activity presents a very personal and innovative project in Hong Kong. The book 'My 32 m² Apartment', portrays history and transformation process of his private apartment where he grew up and still lives and which he transformed in 2007 into a highly functional and densely designed apartment. Chang's place has since been referenced in numerous magazines and on international TV where it was rightly portrayed as forward thinking and even 'green'. Just today I saw an online video of a prominent 'green' thinker who plans to transform his NYC apartment into a Chang-like place. 
'Gary's Apartment' 2007 [image courtesy of Edge Design]
When Chang showed us around in his place it felt like witnessing a spatial ceremony. Chang is (if he's home) part of his flat which almost seems like his extended body as it reacts to the specific demands of the moment, being it relaxing in a hammock or having a glass of wine. Chang named the place his 'Domestic Transformer' and describes that: "not I am moving in my house, my house is moving around me."
Transformation of 'Gary's Apartment' 2007 [image courtesy of Edge Design]

Residential complex development, Beijing, China. 2009 [image courtesy of Edge Design]
'International Concept Plan Competition West Kowloon' 2001. [image courtesy by Edge Design]

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