URBANUS Shenzhen

Shortly after their 10th anniversary I visited the Urbanus office in Shenzhen, China for discussions within the symposium 'Knowledge as Infrastructure' which was hosted by Urbanus as part of the 'Shenzhen and Hong Kong Bi-city Biennale of Urbanism'.

"Founded in 1999, Under the leadership of partners LIU Xiaodu, MENG Yan and WANG Hui, URBANUS is now based in Beijing and Shenzhen, The completed works including Urban Tulou, Dafen Art Museum, OCT Loft Renovation, Tangshan Urban Planning Museum, OCT Art & Design Gallery, Maritime Museum of Art ,Tower of China Merchants Maritime & Logistics Ltd, Shenzhen Planning Building, Metro Tower etc. URBANUS has been exhibited internationally in prestigious shows and presented in prestigious newspapers and magazines, including New York Times. It was featured as one of the ten global “Design Vanguards” by Architectural Record in December, 2005, and has been awarded with many prestigious architecture prizes"  [source]
Li Xiadu and Meng Yan in the early years of Urbanus. 

Urbanus hosted an exhibition to celebrate their anniversary which showed collected works from ten years, models and multimedia presentations.

And some impressions from the life in the office (I didnt hazzle the extremely busy associates of Urbanus).

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