Palisade Bay Masterplan envisioned

i was very excited last thursday during Guy Nordenson's lecture at HKU, faculty of architecture about a research based approach to design which is usually missing in practise.

the lecture featured a straightforward research project 'On the Water - Palisade Bay' by Guy Nordenson and Associates, Catherine Seavitt Studio and students from Princeton University, Center for Architecture, Urbanism + Infrastructure.
they aimed at illucidating the effects of sea level rise on greater new york harbor and the adjacent landscape (where millions of people reside;).
mapping of the landscape palimpsest was complemented by scientific modelling of possible severe floodings in the harbor area. this CFD modelling of waterflows under hurricane conditions was done with a seamless landscape model of bathymetry and topography.

model of bathymetry and topography developed in the 'Surface Water Modeling System' (SMS). copyright: Princeton University, CAUI.

this research currently informs the development of a visionary masterplan for the bay area. regarding stormwater management, the strategy (in a nutshell) is to take out energy from the inflowing water during storm events. therefore, the roughness of bay and shoreline should be amplified (see pic below). this will be an opportunity to create an interconnected land- and waterscape as breeding ground for 'the living' in greater new york.

Finite-element model of the New York / New Jersey Upper Bay incorporating Latrobe masterplan islands, detached piers, and reefs. copyright: Princeton University, CAUI.

during the last months, five design teams, constituted from architects and landscape architects, were busy designing this vision of transforming the bay area into a 'contemporary central park' for the new york metropolitan region. mitigation climate change effects and the necessary clean-up of industrial artifacts may thereby lead to a new urban environment in which synergies are the norm and ecology understood as lived complexity.

you can find more and updated information about the design proposals the MOMA 'rising currents' blog. and await the MOMA exhibition starting this spring (@ The Museum of Modern Art; March 24-August 10, 2010).

see also worldarchitects and changeobserver for more information.

check out as well the homepge 'on the water - palisade bay' and surf to Princeton University, Center for Architecture, Urbanism and Infrastructure.

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