Electric Mobility in Austria

The Tesla Roadster is the sexy icon of electric mobility.

What is going on in terms of electric mobility in Austria and the CENTROPE region? Several aspects are of interest: initiatives for social integration of e-mobility, technological as well as scientific advances regarding e-mobility, and, policy as well as economic concepts for the advancement and integration of e-mobility .

'Regarding e-mobility, The Mobility House considers first and foremost a modification of human mobility patterns in urban agglomerations as indispensable. The majority of the driven distances are short and can even at this point in time, be easily covered with e-vehicles. As a consecutive step The Mobility House envisions the merging of urban agglomerations and regions as a chance of applying e-mobility supra-regionally.'
from: http://www.mobilityhouse.at/en/electric-mobility/vision.html

'The future belongs to mobility with electric vehicles.' Walther-werke offer a complete kit for charging car and smart grid.

See a video about the future of energy supply in smart grids on the Siemens homepage. A smart grid will be able to balance temporary fluctiations in the availability of renewable energy supply. Smart grids will be an important future infrastructure to allow a diverse and renewable energy generation to power our society in a clean way.

Mobility is more if you are moving with less, like a scooter or a bike, due to lower entropy factors. e-scooters or e-bikes for long distances or rainy and lazy days.

Yet, I still don't see so many e-scooters on the street in vienna.
So get your supplies for example at: scooterman.at webshop

btw., in china e-scooters sales are soaring.

And e-bikes in Vienna:
As resident of vienna you can get 30% (max of 300€) back from the cities subsidy. 'Antragsformular für mein Elektrofahrrad'

Image showing Viennas city counselor Ulli Sima on a tesla-like electric bike. :)

E-mobility in Graz: The Magna 'BionX' is frequently represented in Austria. Magnas BionX motor is a future bestseller of this company.
photo: Stadt Graz / Foto Fischer

Nonwithstanding, walking and biking - mechanical forms of mobility (m-mobility) - are still the most efficient in keeping our environments alive.

LiJiang, Yunnan, China

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