Why We Need a Renewable Strategy

The invisible atomic horror in case of an uncontrollable nuclear hazard is becoming by far too real in case of the tsunami struck nuclear power plant Fukushima in Japan. Do we have to risk such hazards to supply at most 14% of global energy demand? [source]
I was struck today by this image below, almost like from a horror movie or a bad action-film-like dream. I abstained so far to blog about this, but now cant resist to reproduce some images here which I suppose will become part of global subconscious (fearful) image about nuclear power.
Inside the Fukushima plant. Workers risking their lives becoming heroes of Japan. [image via derstandard copyright by APA]

[image source and copyright welt.de]

The recent disaster, or 'incident', produces weather forecasts which are uniquely more than material for small talk.
The global perspective on the dispersal of Caesium 137 as released from Fukushima, modeled by ZAMG (click to enlarge). [source and copyright ZAMG]

[image source dailymai.uk, copyright Reuters]

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