Scaping the Connecticut River

Last week I got the chance to participate in the 2011 riverscaping learning lab which was held in Springfield, MA and dealt with potentials of understanding the landscape along the Connecticut river between Springfield and Turner Falls as one entity, one region. Thereby regional dynamics may be fostered to develop strategies for the unique landscape along this stretch of the Connecticut river.
 For a first impression I post some panorama images (click to enlarge!) and shots from the bus tour we did to understand the landscape along the Connecticut river.

Springfield. Beautiful and wide waterfront with problems of accessibility and reputation.

Holyoke. Amazing industrial building stock where a computing center will invest because of green energy potentials.

Holyoke. Partly refurbished waterfronts and vast empty building stock.
Hadley. Issues of accessibility to the mostly privatized waterfront.

Turners Falls. Great industrial structure with uncertain future.

This autumn there will be a 'design laboratory' following to develop 'interpretative installations' for specific sites along the Connecticut river in Springfield, Holyoke, Hadley and Turners Falls to allow 'understanding the River as a catalyst for change and growth, and to create connections between communities, ecosystems, and economies along the River.' Follow the developments on the riverscaping homepage to know about the competition.

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Emily Davis said...


I'm wondering if I could use two of your beautiful photos (of Holyoke MA, along the canals) in a student project about Holyoke's urban design. Of course, full credit and citation would go along with using your photographs.

Thanks for the consideration! You can email me back at