Linkliste "Lernen von Fahrradkulturen in Peking und New York"

"Smarter Than Car (STC) was set up as a platform for promoting cycling, the bicycle life and preserving Beijing’s unique cycling culture."

NYC - Department of Transportation's bicycle program with several initiatives.
"The goal of the Department of City Planning, New York City Department of Transportation, and the Department of Parks and Recreation Bicycle Network Development program is to reduce congestion by promoting cycling in New York City."
youtube-channel of NYC - Department of Transportation
Short movie describing the development of bicycle infrastructure in NYC.
"Bike New York is a 501(c)(3) non-profit whose mission is to promote and encourage bicycling and bicycle safety through education, public events, and collaboration with community and government organizations."
Bicycling directions for (as well) New York City.
"Our mission is to reclaim New York City's streets from the automobile, and to advocate for bicycling, walking and public transit as the best transportation alternatives."
"Biking Rules is a new 'Street Code' for NYC cyclists, following the simple principle that our responsibility to others on the street increases in relation to our potential to cause harm."
"Each year the Department of Transportation and Transportation Alternatives team up to bring you Bike Month NYC, a city wide campaign to promote the joys of cycling in New York City." calculates the carbon impact of various New York City commutes.
"For the first time, all New Yorkers had a way to see pedestrian and cyclist crashes in every neighborhood, enabling them to back up their first-hand experience of dangerous streets with comprehensive hard data."

 Recycle-a-bicycle is a community-based bike shop and non-profit organization that provides educational/job training programs and encourages environmental stewardship and everyday bicycle use.
"Right Of Way is a group of activists dedicated to asserting the rights of car-free street users -- including pedestrians, cyclists, and skaters -- and fighting back against car domination."
"Bike Polo has been played in New York since 2003. Now, our home court is The Pit at Chrystie & Broome Streets."
"The NYBMA is a worker’s alliance of the messenger, by the messenger, and for the messenger. Our mission is to unite, represent and advocate for the bike couriers of New York City." 
"Home is where the harbl is."
"I Parked In A Bike is a humble movement aimed at raising driver awareness towards the problems associated with blocking bike lanes."

"I write about mutant bikes, messenger events, bicycle technology and the vast realm of bicycle culture."
"Brooklyn by Bike was born out of a love for traveling around the city by bicycle. Others think we are crazy but we have a passion for our wheels like nothing else."
"While I love cycling and embrace it in all its forms, I'm also extremely critical. So I present to you my venting for your amusement and betterment."
"I’m a father, husband, writer, TV producer, comedian, and city cyclist.  Just another voice in the ongoing discussion about city biking."
"The Bike Cult resource, a work in progress, includes listings of bike and cycling groups, velodromes, world and olympic champions, along with excerpts and updates from the book."
"We are dedicated to NYC’s Slow Biking Culture, guaranteed 100% Lycra-Free ! Relax. Enjoy your city."
"About Bikes and Biking in New York City. Bike, Damnit! Bike!"
" comes to you from both coasts of the USA. We write BikeHacks 'cause we love bikes. We dig up all kinds of cool, interesting and useful stuff, from the funky to the functional."
"We formed in spring ’06 to promote the integration and visibility of the existing community of queer bike riders."
"the purpose of almost all my photos is to inspire New Yorkers to make everyday trips by bicycle" 
"Streetsblog is a daily news source, online community and political mobilizer for the Livable Streets movement."
"Streetfilms produces short films that show how smart transportation design and policy can result in better places to live, work and play."

INTERNATIONAL is an online resource for sustainable transport news, advocacy and “best practice” solutions from around the world. 
"Each and every day roughly 500,000 citizens choose the bicycle in Greater Copenhagen. This blog highlights who they are, why they do and how it was made possible."
"I’m just an Amsterdam native who won’t take his city and its cycling extravaganza for granted anymore, thinking these posts might be clues for others, inspiration perhaps, if you will."

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