Bicycle Mainstreaming

Following STC's Vienna lecture on bicycle cultural exchange between Beijing, New York and Vienna it was nice to see that some concepts were successfully introduced into public discourse.
During the talk I emphasized the importance of a process of 'bicycle mainstreaming' which could (in a nutshell) be understood as a process of supporting a broader understanding and support for the bicycle as viable means of providing urban transportation and to see the bicycle as equal participant next to people on foot or in cars.  Traveling everyday commutes on bicycles in cities like Beijing, Vienna or New York makes one conscious about the importance of the bicycle mainstreaming concept.
Today (February 4th 2012) a google search returned three results for "bicycle mainstreaming", not too many if one thinks about the usefulness of such a concept. Two of those hits are by the way related to the work of "Smarter Than Car"... :)  
To demonstrate the transition of the concept from the lecture into the broader discourse please find two images below, one of y slide in my presentation and another one from the article (in german) on the lecture's content which was published by the Austrian Federal News' website (
At 'Smarter Than Car we continue working that such a bicycle mainstreaming will become a more day to day process in Beijing and Vienna.
Screen shot of the article on Dated 2011-09-27

Slide from the lecture.Dated 2011-05-18

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