to be 'smarter than car' in Beijing, China.

im curious about 'smarter the car' (STC) a great project initiated by ines (runs natooke bike shop in dongcheng, beijing) and shannon to promote biking (again) in beijing, china. starting off, they organize bike rides for beijingers to (re)discover beijing by bike, experiencing a clever way to commute in a city notoriously jammed by traffic.

as ines and shannon describe STC in their last newsletter:
"STC (Smarter Than Car) is a Beijing based group which promotes the use of the bicycle in Beijing. With car ownership in the city going through the roof and the subsequent traffic congestion there has never been a better time to get on the bike and move around the city faster and with more freedom. Our group aims to promote cycling in the city as an enjoyable, healthy and sustainable activity and a much smarter alternative to driving a car or taking taxis."

this months TLFR (the last friday ride) will focus on architecture and traditional hutong settlements. if you are in beijing this friday you may join in the ride, see invitation below. if not, enjoy the fliers and think about how your city could improve through more cycling. ;)

btw. in January STC called for a FYTO*ride (freeze your t…s off*ride).

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