Talk: 'Creating Bioenergy Landscapes: An Ecological Perspective' at HKU

I will give a guest lecture on next Tuesday, 9th of February at the Division of Landscape Architecture in the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Hong Kong. The talk will elaborate on bioenergy as design strategy within landscape architecture practice.

Society increasingly seeks to address climate change, energy security and peak oil by using biomass as ‘biofuels’ for energy production. This has created ambivalent reactions from both scientists and environmentalists. Landscape architects are still underrepresented in this discourse, but may create bioenergy landscapes as multiple-use green spaces, infrastructure areas or on temporarily unused land. Bioenergy promises like green house gas savings, ‘clean’ energy or environmental sustainability will have to be considered by landscape architects with an informed and critical mind, to be able to truly assess bioenergy potentials of any given site.
This talk will therefore present benchmarks for bioenergy landscapes in terms of ecological functioning, energy
efficiency and possible green house gas savings. A review of landscape projects addressing bioenergy shall stimulate the discussion about landscape architecture practice in the context of bioenergy production. Finally, perspectives will be presented for bioenergy landscapes to become a vital element of landscape architecture projects.

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