Leopoldau Gasworks Site

Impressions from Vienna's periphery. Gasworks Leopoldau and their use as stage within the 'Wiener Festwochen' 2010.

As a temporary use, cultural happenings bring the place to life. An interimistic strategy for urbanism which should avoid to become mere gentrification but to create sustaining opporuntities for cultural life in a future urban development.

Artwork on the ground for the open-space play 'Hass' within the 'Wiener Festwochen' 2010. The play was an adaptation of the french film 'La Haine', elaborating on precarious living conditions and perspectivelessness of young people with migrant backgrounds. 
The play's content appears now more important than ever before. Especially for Austria the question is: Why do people not appreciate cultural diversity and see people coming as migrants with a welcoming eye? New friends, neighbours and citizens as a chance to connect to places, cultures and opportunities outside Austria's small box. CELEBRATE DIVERSITY!

Returning to the play 'Hass'. I very much enjoyed the performance. Thanks to the new space company! Find below some impressions about how the new space company transformed the ambience of the gasworks into a more banlieue-like (?!) environment as a backdrop for the play. 


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