Motivated by Disaster

The deepwater horizon rig explosion and following oil spill can be stated to be the greatest environmental disaster in recent years.
Interestingly enough this spill created very strong bottom-up movements to cover the impact of the oil spill by grassroots mapping , crowdsource mapping or by providing an oil spill crisis map.

As terrible as the visual material of the oil spill may be. There are as well images, such as the ones below, which transport both, information about the state of the disaster, and, a certain abstract aesthetic. The imaginary below was aquired by gonzoearth with the means of kite-mapping and represent a strong symbol of how networks of individuals can empower themselves to control government and corporations in their promise of mitigating environmental damage.

I've been following press independent coverage and want to provide some important sources of information.

TEDxOilSpill. Comprehensive, in-depth information in TED-talk-style.
I was especially touched by Carl Safina's talk:

NY-Times: Paul Krugman on what didn't prevent the spill.

We can't allow oursleves to forget or underestimate the magnitude of this environmental desaster as caused by our contemporary societal-industrial-political system. Namely unregulated corporations and our energy system being trapped in a fossil pathway will have to be adressed to successfully prevent such disasters in future.

It should say 'we' in the center of the above figure, as ultimately we are the ones who buy gas at the pump every day driving our single-cars, using electricity and petrochemical disposable products. It's time for some new paradigms. Sustainable futures are plentiful.

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