Seeing 'Rising Currents' at MOMA

Just in time I visited the 'Rising Currents' exhibition at MOMA. After hearing and reading about the previous research work 'On the Water - Palisade Bay', as well as surfing the rising currents blog, the exhibition was still a surprisingly stunning experience.
Highly aesthetical and visionary design proposals by five teams are presented in the exhibition. Very tactile models and multimedia presentations round up the experience .
I had a great time there and got inspired to see the project sites myself. Landscape architecture or urbanism enthusiast can still visit the exhibition which is opened til 11th of october.
The only limiting factor for spending time in there was the freezingly cold inside temperature. Some potential exists to reduce MOMA's carbon footprint by programming the air condition in a humaine way. ... :)
Please find some pictures below to get a feel for the exhibition.

Zone 0: ARO and dlandstudio  

Zone 1: LTL architects

Zone 2: Matthew Baird architects


Zone4: SCAPE

(Copyright for the picture's content: MOMA and the competition teams.)

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