Yesterday I was at University of Amherst, Department of Landscape Architecture and Regional Planning, as guest critic for their 'Senior Urban Design Studio' in fall 2010 with the topic “Springfield’s Upper Lyman Warehouse District: Visions for Revitalization” instructed by Elizabeth Thompson & Frank Sleegers. I truly enjoyed the student's visions and seeing differences from student's works in Europe. 
Model of the study area: 
"In Studio 497A, students contunued their work in downtown Springfield and turned their attention to the Upper Lyman Street District. The Students created short and long term visions fpr this underdeveloped area with great potential that is in the vicinity of the train station and the cultural assets of Springfield" [from cit flyer]

See some details of the student's fine freehand drawings and other presentation material. 

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Frank Sleegers said...

thanks a lot for coming and commenting on our presentation.

It was great working with the students on an inspiring and complex area in Springfield.