Worst EU Lobbying Awards 2010

The award for worst lobbying interventions in Brussels in 2010 is now open for vote again. This year the awards deals especially with lobbying which prevented forewardlooking climate policies and employed the financial crisis in favour of corporate interest.
The 'Worst EU Lobbying Awards' are organized annually by CEO (Corporate Europe Observatory), Friends of the Earth Europe, Lobby Control and Spinwatch.

"[U]nderhand tactics, combined with the strength of big business, have allowed corporate lobbyists to continue for-profit lobbying at the expense of more climate- and consumer-friendly regulation; putting profits before people and the planet.

If these damaging and dirty lobbying tactics worry you, then fear not, help is at hand, and you can be part of the solution. This year’s Worst EU Lobbying Awards is here, with a twofold focus – climate and finance. And, with the help of Lobby-Cleaner, and your vote, we can clean up the lobbying scene in Brussels, discourage controversial lobbying practices by publicly exposing the worst offenders, and discredit the big business lobby among EU decision-making circles." [source and image credit]
See the nominees here and vote!

This year the award features comic heroes which personalize the grassroots movement in a superhero-style. Lobby-Cleaner "the Worst EU Lobbying Awards’ anti-heroine, roams the corridors of power cleaning lobbies, and cleaning lobbying. She is here to clean up the mess created by corporate lobbyists in Brussels." [source and image credits]

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