Buy Plastified Body Parts to be Fashionable

Did you ever think about owning a plasticized human being? Or wearing 'horse penis slice earrings'? You can fulfill your wishes now!

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Products such as these are now offered by 'Plastinarium Guben', a company founded by mister 'Body Worlds', Gunther von Hagens. I read an interview today in an Austrian newspaper in which he stated the potential of these products to be supporting female beauty for example.
I always found sections - through plant or animal tissue - very beautiful and can't help but finding these earrings and other products on the website on one hand extremely intriguing but as well far reaching. Is that what makes an artistic product? The products of Plastinarium are surely something to distinct yourself from others. Im curious where I will run into the first person using a 'bull penis walking stick' (for about 2500 €).

[source and copyright]

Regarding the issue of wheater or not to use animal and human bodies for these purposes: According to von Hagens human bodies are only sold to referenced buyers who use them for educational purposes. At least you know what is in these products and you can see animal/biological beauty and showcase it on your own body. There are numerous items produced with animal ingredients of which you have no idea about so a well referenced, transparent and controversial item is by far better. Moreover, using plastified bull penisses as walking sticks may allow us to start a dialogue about body, beauty, decay, life etc. which may be much deeper than a dialogue arising from wearing a Svarovski crystal on your ear. ;)

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