Summer School: Energy Landscapes 3.0

If you are free during the last week of July and engaged with the more and more regarded topic of energy landscapes, you may apply for a nice summer school with high profile advisors (and totally reasonable cost).
Bauhaus Dessau is organising a summer workshop Energy Landscapes 3.0, which aims to "analyse potential network geographies and concepts and their impacts on settlement structures in Europe. We will thereby explicitly refer to a chronicle of utopian thought on a large scale – visionary ideas for new Energy Landscapes promulgated decades ago by Sörgel in 1928 with Atlantropa and Richard Buckminster Fuller with his World Game in 1972."
An interesting detail from the synopsis of the summer school is that contemporary large scale fossil infrastructures should be redesigned in a 'smart' way. If we want to continue to use a comparable amount of energy (on a global scale) as we use today, we will have to innovate on a large spatial scale to complement a a dispersed renewable energy system of small power producing units. As stated earlier, it is important that designers engage in this discourse so that these new types of infrastructures can be welcomed by society and their additional values (as open spaces) appreciated. in this vein, the summer school has a great outreach of attracting participants from a wide range of disciplinary fields. 
The summer school Energy Landscapes 3.0 will be an opportunity to work with leading people within the landscape architecture profession and academia. For more information you may refer to the webpage of the summer school.
I am looking forward to the outcomes of the workshop and would appreciate if resulting designs and approaches are published online or in print. 

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James Kopec said...

Great! This can have function of long term designs and planning. This was smart to mold designers. Can someone provide an update about the workshop please? Thank you.

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